It has been a really great start to 2019 with the addition of a national client in Linear Financial Solutions. In March we added Vangarde Shopping Park in York to our client portfolio. We are starting to add real value to their brands already with a marked increase in audience and potential revenue. Marketing mortgage services and retail parks are significantly different, but the processes in respect to research, strategy, creative, implementation and reporting is the same.

My business strategy for Soapy in 2019 is to bring valuable clients into our portfolio such as SME’s that we can really help to move forward for growth. Part of this journey is about enhancing what we can do for our clients. For the Soapy team it is to improve and evolve. This includes my co Director Sophie Metcalfe working towards Chartered Marketer Status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Push the button

The summer will be no time to rest unfortunately with the implementation of a new software system. CMAP will manage clients, projects, productivity, reporting and financials for the whole team. Alice King our project manager has been tasked since January to research and present the ideal pipeli
ne software. Now all Alice has to do is project manage the software implementation from order to ‘go live’ by early September, so there’s no pressure at all.

The right treatment

Our latest client acquisition, Kinvara Private Hospital in Rotherham, is testament to the quality of output and success of existing clients. Kinvara has recently reopened after a £1 million renovation. The site boasts two sate-of-the-art operating theatres, six private recovery rooms and a 20 bed ward. Recently purchased by pioneering surgeon Vasu Karri and his business partner Suzanne Reynolds in 2018.

Mr Karri performs life changing operations in specialist fields including lymphedema. He is only one of a handful of surgeons in the UK who currently offer large leg reduction, or what is commonly described as ‘cankle’ reduction.

Over the next 12 months the hospital will be home to 4 additional consultants. They will offer a wide range of life changing surgeries and specialist referrals from the NHS. Enhanced cosmetic surgeries will be a large part of the treatments available. The hospital will also offer standard procedures including hernia and carpal tunnel improvement surgeries. 

Short wait times from consultation to operation are the key aims for clients. Combined with a more relaxing environment through the quality of pre-operation and post care. This will really benefit working professionals who do not want to wait for the NHS to help.

With Kinvara the message is clear, to raise the profile of Yorkshire’s ‘Premier’ Private Hospital. The marketing strategy involved in doing this really excites the Soapy team. I’m really proud on how the Soapy team have stepped up to the challenges we have faced so far in 2019.

Time for bubbles

We celebrated this week with the team at the York Professionals annual dinner of which we are a sponsor this year. But the bubbles will be left for later on in the year with the launch of our new marketing brand in late 2019.

The Brand Bubble is not just a marketing gimmick but the process and journey each one of our new clients will go through before we look at working with them. An in-depth analysis of what they have done in marketing. Where they are at now and what the business want to achieve in the future. By looking at all three aspects we will be able to give this prospective new client a clear roadmap for growth.

But for now let us raise the glass (not bar) to the rest of 2019. Regardless of what happens politically and economically the next six or seven months it’s going to be exciting for all the right reasons I’m sure.