I don’t want to discuss what could happen, what will happen or what might not happen with coronavirus. Right now, business owners simply have to come together to try and reduce any adverse impact

One thing is for certain, we are all in this together. Let’s put aside rivalries and bickering, judgement and competition for a few weeks. Let’s offer up all our business experience to help each other.

In the Soapy team meeting this morning, we wholeheartedly agreed to “open the door” to any business owner feeling anxious or facing difficult decisions in the coming weeks. Whether that’s in the form of a video call, email or message thread – I am here.

I am available via email or video call to offer my knowledge on the following:

  • PR announcements
  • How to market yourself online in difficult times
  • Using social media to stay ahead
  • Brainstorming and any ideas
  • General friendly chat to air your worries!

SMEs cannot afford to isolate themselves now. Business owners should not feel the need to carry any burdens themselves. Let’s keep our heads up and talk to each other and get through it together.

Drop me an email sophie@thesoapygroup.co.uk or connect with me on LinkedIn and I’ll make time for you.