Ecommerce Website Design

The UK has the third largest ecommerce market in the world – and it’s getting bigger every year.

The Soapy Group builds and designs Ecommerce websites to suit any budget. We work closely with you through the whole process to design and build an online shop that’s easy to use both for you and your customer. The Soapy Group can develop a shop which works seamlessly with your needs, from the best payment systems to stock taking and more.

Once a website is delivered, we can also work with you to integrate point-of-sale systems, such as card payment devices which simply connect to your phone or tablet.  We develop a unique website that meets all your business needs to help you launch your shop online.

Our Ecommerce packages include:

  • Set up on either Shopify or WooCommerce platform
  • Design consultation with our Creative team
  • Web development, including mobile and SEO friendly design design
  • Product organisation
  • Payment and shipping set-up
  • App installations, with a focus on your individual needs
  • Consultation and/or set-up of POS systems such as card readers