I think the older you get the more that ‘chimp’ on the shoulder gets in the way of really going for it. Lockdown has really brought home to me and my partner a perspective which could change our lives forever. That perspective is the realisation that we are really good at helping other companies grow, but that’s not enough. 

The past few years have been a whirlwind of expansion both in customers and our knowledge of the marketing world. In my sales pitch to prospective clients I say that design / marketing agencies are good at the shiny stuff like visuals and concepts. But it is the strategy that drives a successful campaign.  

So much to think about in a marketing strategy. 

Concept, visuals and deliverables are the tip of the strategy iceberg. Campaign objectives, why, what, how, how much and measurable goals are the main obstacles to overcome first. Once you have a defined campaign base then it’s time to plan, create and deliver. And generally this is the part that we the ‘marketing agency’ then have to start to compromise with the client.  

But wait, what if we became our own client? And that’s just what we have done. 

This coming Friday 18th we are launching a lifestyle brand that has been two years in the making. The visuals and concept were born at a time when we were just too busy to do anything about it. The experience we have gained in the past five years has led to this moment. No compromises, we have been our own best client so far. Because we know how to set up a lifestyle brand from scratch. 

Customers are king! 

Just creating a look brand isn’t enough if you can’t deliver a great customer experience. Giving your customer the easiest journey to get to, get in and get out of your website is key. Products that are easy to find and then pay for on every viewing platform is a must for any business regardless of whether you are an established retailer or start up business.  

How long should it take to order an item online?  

The website we have created has the fastest customer journey possible. We have developed an order process with a ‘1 – click checkout’. By utilising Apple Pay and Android Pay, your details are automatically transferred to the order and paid for in just 1 click. This means you can order and pay for a single item in under 10 seconds.  

We have tested this system against the worlds prime online retailer, you know which one. The process is exactly the same and takes less time. This process is possible for any size of e-retailer. We are also using PayPal for customers who can do the same and Stripe for standard payments.  

Customers want answers and quick! 

E-retailers need to be on hand to answer questions, when a prospective customer can’t get that them are more likely to switch off. We know that you can’t be on the end of a message system 24hours a day. We have worked with a system to set up ‘Wulf’ an IA bot who can answer basic questions customers may have. Ofcourse we have also made sure that during office hours there is an instant message service too. 

We know, but we don’t know 

While we have utilised all our experience to create a new venture from scratch which will be a fantastic exercise and demonstration of what we can do for our clients. We are also stepping into the unknown. 

Sourcing equipment, clothing suppliers and creating a production and dispatch system is new to us. But I would like to think that we have it all covered. The biggest test will be how successful our marketing and designs will be. Will people like what we have done and the reasons why we are doing it? 

We have the appetite and are “Hungry for Change”.