Human Truths: The Key to Success in Business

Human Truths: The Key to Success in Business

Branding sets apart many businesses from one another. Take Coca-Cola and Pepsi as a key example. Both brands are selling essentially the same products and time and time again taste tests have shown that people cannot taste the difference: yet one has more success in business than the other. Why? Because of the way they brand themselves. This successful branding comes from a place of honesty, therefore, your business need to understand human truths. Consumers can smell marketing rubbish from a mile away.

Business is all about human truths. You may be wondering what a human truth actually is. We define it as something that is completely relatable to the customer. Being human separates successful brands from the ones that end up failing. Yes, of course success in business comes down to money and you need it to survive, but that money comes from the consumer. Lying = unprofitable.

Let’s consider another brand that ended up going under because they refused to listen to the public. Blockbuster was an incredibly successful company until they refused to move forward with the way the public were seeking entertainment, which ultimately lead to their demise. This even happens in the music industry. Artists have to reinvent themselves often enough to keep the audience interested whilst also hoping that said audience will find the reinvention entertaining. This works for some artists like Beyoncé, whilst for others it doesn’t seem to go to plan. Beyoncé remains true to who she is and reinvents herself just enough for people to remain interested in what she is doing. We do the same with our clients. Find out more here.

Blockbusters demise went deeper than just a problem with a logo. To revitalise a brand, you could create a new logo, get a brand new website and release an exciting new app, but ultimately, this is all a cover up of a larger issue. Imagine if an interior designer were to paint over a cracked part of a wall instead of hiring someone to repair the genuine cracks. They’re not getting to the heart of the issue.

We, The Soapy Group, don’t just cover up the cracks with new logos and websites; we get to the very heart of the problem. This is where you will find the human truth that will, ultimately, be the wakeup call a tired, old brand needs. We can do this a number of ways, whether it be by switching up organic Facebook posts, to increasing SEO with a website refresh to better reflect your business and what your customers want.

Why lie when human truths are the key to success in business?







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