The first contact email arrives in our inbox, “we need help with increasing sales, how can you help?” Could you imagine getting the following response to this reply? 

 “Thanks for your email, we would love to help you create more awareness around your brand, company and its services by mostly winging it. When would you like to meet?” 

It really this isn’t the sales pitch that would spark confidence in using The Soapy Group and wanting to take the conversation further. In reality, the term winging it has negative connotation, what I would be saying is something like “we would be using a test, report and refine process to meet your objectives. 

So, let’s get back to the start of the email. The desire in increasing sales isn’t enough for us to take you on as client. You would be amazed at the amount of emails that contain that one, single objective. What this really indicates – and starts the alarm bells ringing – is whether the inquirer understands or values marketing.  

The equation is simple, marketing drives sales. Marketing gives the opportunity to raise awareness of the brand, company and its services. Once through the door, sales are down to how it’s presented to the prospective purchaser.  

So where does marketing start and end in the purchase process? 

The simple answer is there is no stop or start in the marketing process. In fact, this is a continual process that never ends. Let’s use the purchase of a product as an example.  

At prepurchase you look for a product that meets your requirements, then follows market research which includes reading reviews for the product. Value for money shortly follows, closely by trust in the seller to provide a great purchase and possible aftercare service.  

Once you have gone through this process the final thing would be to share your experience for the next purchaser to see.  

And so, the marketing process continues. 

Getting back to the main context of my post. All through the above sales process, marketing should be constantly worked on to refine this service. There is no magic wand to create this, from visibility of the product through to the final reviews.  

Each part should be tested to find a sweet spot that makes each part work the best it can. This includes trying different promotions, platforms and marketing services. Not all campaigns are successful and we don’t see this as failure. Measured decisions to try different things should always be actioned. This is valuable market research into what turns your customer on and off.  

This process takes time, and in my experience, requires a level of trust in the marketing strategy. The amount of small business owners who don’t have the vision or confidence in their own brand to achieve this is more than you would think. This is the difference in whether they are the right client for us or not.  

Sustainable growth derives from a clear growth strategy, this includes your marketing.