Marketing puppies is easy, but what happens when they get older?

Marketing puppies is easy, but what happens when they get older?

We are adding to the Soapy family with the imminent arrival of a four-legged bundle of joy any playfulness. While we can’t wait, there is the trepidation of the amount of work we will have to do in the first year, what with training and the on-going development needed from cute puppy to adult dog.

I was reminded today of the similarity between what we are about to do – and how this relates to businesses when they move from a small start-up to a medium-sized business. Once the new excitement of starting a business subsides, the running of the company becomes just part of what we do.

Marketing a business is the same. So often I see established SME’s fall into this rut of knowing they should be doing more marketing, but either don’t have time or know which direction to go.

As dogs get older, yes they loose their ‘cute’ factor and they get less noticed – but you love them just the same. Your businesses marketing is no different.

How often to you remind your past customers you are still here? How easy is it for new customers to find you? This is all part of your marketing strategy and in your planning, right? I guess if the answer is no then maybe we need to have a chat.

Simon Hudson, MD.

PS. We are getting a Goldendoodle by the way and are stuck between the names ‘Chewy’ (Star Wars) and ‘Rufus’.

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Simon is MD and co-founder of The Soapy Group. His skills include business development and marketing management. He's passionate about business and helping SMEs grow.