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Take your business to the next level with a solid plan for the future. The Soapy Group are strategic specialists and have worked with businesses of all sized on marketing strategies for success.

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1. Consultation and research

Getting to know you and your customers is the most important stage of our process. We begin our marketing strategy work with you by holding a number of ‘listening’ sessions where we let you do the talking! We will ask lots of questions to learn all about your business and how it operates. We delve in to your past marketing strategy and ask the question, “how do we improve and grow?” We also need to conduct market research – working with you to understand who your ideal buyers are. At this stage we can also present you with an in-depth marketing audit.

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2. Vision and values

We work with you to build the foundation of your strategy – which all starts with what your brand represents and how it’s perceived

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3. Goals and objectives

A strategy doesn’t work without goals! We help you draw up financial goals and build objectives and KPIs based on what you want to achieve

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4. Marketing mix strategy

Only once we have all the building blocks in place can we start to formulate marketing tactics and how to reach your target customers

Need help with marketing strategy? Come into the Brand Bubble!

It’s designed for any size of business! Every business that enters in to our strategic consultation period is different. So if you have any questions about how it can work for your business, get in touch.

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“In the five months we have been working with the Soapy team, we have seen a social media audience increase of over 30% which continues to grow every day. For a small agency, it’s exciting to see what they can do moving forward with their creative and strategic efforts.”

– Debs O’Donnell, Centre Manager (Vangarde Shopping Park, York)

Marketing strategy thoughts and ideas

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