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Marketing Workshops

Waiting for that lightbulb moment?

We all are, trust us. Marketing is an endless to-do list – and no business can be fully on top of everything. As trends change and algorithms update, it is very easy to get left behind without a clue. Our workshops are held regularly across Yorkshire, working with partner organisations to deliver masterclasses on the marketing tit-bits you need to know.

2019 Marketing Essentials Workshops

The Soapy Group’s mantra to #RaiseTheBar for SMEs is about giving your business the right tools for growth. The last year has seen a huge change in how you can and should promote your business on line.

So, are you ready for 2019? Do you have a plan in place for growth? Do you have the right knowledge to get the most out of your marketing budget?

We have 3 essential 90 minute workshops to help you in 2019. The workshops are small (maximum of 8 per session) and include drinks and pastries.

Price for 3 workshops in total: £99+vat

Individual workshops available: £45+vat

Social Media Workshop

7th Nov / 28th Nov

How do you grow your social media audience? How can you use paid ads and maximise that return on investment? This workshop will give you guidance on which platforms to use and how to get the best out of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Website and Search Marketing

14th Nov / 5th Dec

With the restrictions on organic social media growth, your website could be the key to unlocking more marketing potential. Do you have the basics right for Google searches? How you present your website to potential customers could be turning them off? We will give you a website improvers checklist and suggestions to take away with you.

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Marketing for Growth

21st Nov / 12th Dec

How does your marketing plan for 2019 look? Do you plan and budget wisely, more importantly do you maximise your marketing potential with the budget you have?

Planning and reporting is key, with our workshop we will get you into the mindset of how to track using key performance indicators and look at return on investment.

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