Marketing Workshops

Waiting for that lightbulb moment?

We all are, trust us. Marketing is an endless to-do list – and no business can be fully on top of everything. As trends change and algorithms update, it is very easy to get left behind without a clue. Our workshops are held regularly across Yorkshire, working with partner organisations to deliver masterclasses on the marketing tit-bits you need to know.

Marketing Essentials Workshops

The Soapy Group’s mantra to #RaiseTheBar for SMEs is about giving your business the right tools for growth. The last year has seen a huge change in how you can and should promote your business on line.

Do you have a plan in place for growth? Do you have the right knowledge to get the most out of your marketing budget?

We have 3 essential 90 minute workshops to help you. The workshops are small (maximum of 8 per session) and include drinks and pastries.

Price for 8 people workshops: £295+vat

Individual workshops available per person: £120+vat