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If you are looking for a marketing consultant who can help deliver a marketing audit, devise a strategy and get your business and team on the right path for growth, look no further.

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Marketing strategy in a nutshell

As marketing consultants, we want to help you get the best out of your business’ potential. This means working really closely with you and your team for a period of time towards a common goal – to refresh and revitalise your marketing strategy. We follow an industry standard model for developing a plan, including:

  • The audit: Your current situation
  • Objectives: Where do you want to be?
  • Strategy: What is your market and how do we reach it?
  • Tactics: What resources do you need?
  • Action: Who does what
  • Measurement: Staying on track
Sophie Metcalfe in front of a pink wall

Sophie Metcalfe MCIM
Marketing Consultant

Sophie is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She has over ten years’ experience working with small businesses across the UK. As one of the founding directors of The Soapy Group, Sophie has been building her expertise and skillset from the ground up.  Her aim is to help the SME sector thrive.

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How does marketing consultancy work?

Generally, we will always work to a pre-defined service agreement. In our experience, every business has different needs and quirks, so a big part of the consultancy process is to build a relationship and understand exactly what you need from us. Typically, our consultancy goes a little like this…

1. Getting to know you

We need to understand everything about your business – from your history to your ambitions, your staff to your products, your customers to your prospects. This helps us all get to know each other and we can understand exactly the right way forward and what your business needs for the future.

2. Marketing audit

This is where we need an all-access pass to your past and current marketing activity and sales book. In order for us to help you make those all-important changes, we will go through your technicals and creative with a fine-tooth comb.

3. Objectives

Developing business and marketing objectives helps steer your strategy in the right direction. We will uncover your mission, vision and values to help drive the business forward. We will look at how best to meet your market, minimise risks and devise a budget.

4. Planning and action

The strategy will help uncover and build a very long to-do list for your organisation. This will likely include future resources, skills training and buy-in from your stakeholders. As your marketing consultant we will follow-through with your strategy, helping your organisation get fully equipped with everything it needs to start working on the new plan of action.

5. Accountability

Our relationship doesn’t stop at developing a strategy. We care about your organisation and want to make sure the plan is sticking. We work with you over along period of time to ensure your marketing is measured and adjusted for effectiveness and efficiencies.

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