Project Description

Vangarde Shopping Park, York

Vangarde Shopping Park is a shopping destination outside the centre of York with John Lewis, Next and M&S alongside a number of eateries. In the five years since it opened, Vangarde has established itself as a premium shopping destination. The Soapy Group was tasked with raising the profile of Vangarde as a brand itself through both digital and on-site activity.

public relations and content

A lot goes on at Vangarde shopping park, especially with a community and charity focus. We make sure the stories are told and reach the right people.

strategy and management 

Everything we do for Vangarde follows a long-term plan to grow the brand and reach a wider audience across the Yorkshire region.

social media management

Having turned Vangarde in to a lifestyle brand, we use social media to promote and target specific audiences. In the first three months, reach and engagement increased 250% month-on-month.

crisis comms management

The Soapy Group has protocols in place to help with crisis communications, which makes sure key messages and information are output quickly and effectively, 24/7.

“The Soapy Group has seamlessly adopted the Vangarde brand values and been able to grow the reach online significantly in a short space of time. In the few months we have been working with them team, we have seen a social media audience increase of over 30% which continues to grow every day.”

Debs O’Donnell, Centre Manager, Vangarde Shopping Park