Making sure you have all the bases covered when promoting your business is key to a successful online presence. Let’s face it, Google is king, but don’t forget the close relative Apple and iOS. 

Location-based promotion is a huge deal for SME’s. But in my experience more small business owners get it wrong more than right. In recent discussions with a national online review service, we identified a few small things that can make a big impact for the local business and its search visibility both online and on social networks.

Your business search on maps

Depending on the phone you have there are lots of choices and user settings which decide what map is used. Most people choose to use the Google search engine and maps service. But by default Apple products use their own map service Apple Maps. In the UK there is no difference between the market share of phones and tablets. Both iOS and Android have a 49% share (March 2019, Statista). Yet very few businesses register to claim their Apple Maps business page.

Recently we have had the issue with a local client who has a showroom in York. Google Maps takes you to the correct destination but Apple Maps did not. iOS uses data from a US-based company Yelp which more than not is incorrect. When you don’t claim your Apple Maps page Yelp makes a guess on your location. In this case, Yelp data on Apple Maps had been taking customers to a competitor only 500 yards away.

If you don’t have your Apple Maps page set up it takes only a few minutes if you have an Apple ID. 

Apple Maps registration link here –

Here we are, where are you?

Geotagging is a fantastic tool for businesses who require custom from passing trade or the useful local services sector. This could include retails shops, cafe’s, barbers and restaurants. Geotagging on social media is the process of including a location, through a photo or a status at any given time.

When engaging with local content it really enhances your online social presence. It helps people discover you when they might not even be trying. And that’s the beauty of it. It is currently available on the main social media apps, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

Letting followers know where you were when the photo or update was created could increase your engagement by up to 79% (HubSpot, 2019).

Whether B2B or B2C if your locality is a major selling point you need to make sure online and on social networks you are maximising your opportunities for sustainability and growth. A mixture of local search visibility, organic and paid for promotion is paramount to your survival.