Working with many small businesses over the last year, we have had a mixture of companies who have been able to easily transition their business online to survive. Unfortunately, some clients haven’t been able to do this for a variety of reasons. 

A common reason is fear of investing in online marketing during the pandemic, with many small businesses unwilling to risk spending in such uncertain times. 

I’m just not willing to invest in our marketing with so much uncertainty. 

As we start to move out of the current lockdown, now is the time to start thinking about how your business can move on from the covid-era. This is the time to start developing your vision, a strategy and defining your rebooted budgets.  

I know there is hard work to create this but the payoff is being able to define your goals and objectives – and ultimately working out a strategy to achieve themBy understanding where you want to go from here and drawing up a road map to get there, you will be able to work out the tools and improvements your business needs.

Nine times out of ten, we find a business growth strategy requires a new fully functioning website, optimised for marketing. It also means acquiring the skills and people to achieve it. 

“Cashflow is king. How can I invest in a website? 

While we start to come out of the current situation, making sure you can maintain a healthy cash flow and investment in digital marketing is paramount. (Many companies have utilised the government’s bounce back loan scheme). 

How can The Soapy Group help me with rebooting our website? 

From the 1st March we are launching a limited 12-month payment plan to start-ups and established SMEs. This is to help rebuild, reboot and launch your new website. This is for both standard and ecommerce websites.  

The plan is based on 12 monthly, interest free payments to the total of the website build. This will help with cash flow while you move forward with rebuilding your company post pandemic.

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