We work with a number of retail clients who are chomping at the bit to get their showrooms, restaurants, bars and shops open again. After the statement by the Prime Minister on Sunday 10th May, it looks like most retail outlets will be on a phased re-opening from July. 

What are you doing to be Covid Secure? 

We are expecting a few additions to the current guidelines and this is a fluid situation. But on the whole, most of the current guidelines will stay in place, the guidelines for social distancing for retail are as follows. Please see some points of discussion in italic we will need to be answering as we set up the procedures and marketing campaigns around the re-opening of retail outlets. 

What does a basic COVID Secure policy look like?

To protect staff and customers, you should manage entry into the store, only allowing a limited number of people into your store at any given time.

Can you offer a mixture of ‘walk in’ opening times and appointment only opening times?

You should put up signage to ask customers with symptoms not to enter the store, and to remind both staff and customers to always keep 2-metres from other people, wherever possible.

Where possible you should encourage visitors to wear face masks, with clear signage at the point of entry.

This is a must, we would also recommend putting hand sanitiser just inside your premises, with a regular cleaning rota of any door handles at point of entry, if you don’t have an automatic door. 

You should regularly encourage staff to wash their hands with soap and water as often as possible and for 20 seconds every time.

If feasible, you should also put up plexiglass barriers at all points of regular interaction to further reduce the risk of infection for all parties involved, cleaning the barriers regularly.

You should still advise staff to keep 2 metres apart as much as possible.

If you work from a desk or station and deal directly with customers more closely then this is a must.

To protect your staff, you should remind colleagues daily to only come into work if they are well and no one in their household is self-isolating.

What should you be implementing into your re-opening marketing campaign?

  • Use a ‘Covid Secure’ badge for your website and social. This will give confidence to your potential visitors. 
  • Shout about it on all social and digital platforms 
  • Shout some more! 
  • Keep reminding them, reassurance is key. 

More than ever, trust will be the key element of anything you do and say. The products and services will be second to this. People will not come to see you or engage with any marketing or sales output if you are not seen to be looking after their health and wellbeing. 

If you need help with creating a marketing strategy and deliverables then get in touch with me for a chat.