It was always a myth that to work in a creative agency you had to be based in London, or at least in a big cosmopolitan city like Manchester, Birmingham or Edinburgh. Anyone working creatively outside of the big city wasn’t in a proper agency, wasn’t doing it properly. And even outside of these areas, there is a perception for people seeking a creative position that the better jobs will be in the bigger towns and cities. That’s where the talent pool will be. But with massive advancements in digital communications, it is so much easier than ever before to be based outside one of these main hubs and still run a successful agency. With a growing trend for millennials starting to leave London once they reach their late 20s and 30s (mainly due to high living costs and house prices, and a desire for a better, quieter quality of life), there is a increasing talent pool outside of our capital and big cities.

Here at The Soapy Group we want some of that better quality of life too, our talented team all live locally and we can reach our clients within an hour from our base in the thriving market town of Pocklington. So, when looking for a creative agency, don’t assume that you need to go to a big city agency, with higher fees to go with it. Take a look locally and you may discover a gem on your doorstep. There will of course always be a difference between those individuals who dabble in a bit of web design or social media marketing from their kitchen table, to agencies who offer a considered, strategic and professional approach.

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