Would you rather have a big bag of decent crisps or a small bag of really delicious, earth-shatteringly amazing crisps? I ask myself this question every evening when I go into the crisps section of a shop. I’m asking you this because, in my opinion, you shouldn’t have to choose. Like most things, there is a sweet spot in-between what is actually best. This goes for posting on social media. Here is how you can have both bags of crisps and eat them too.


Quality social media posts are the ones that take a little bit longer to curate and are usually more interesting than your usual posts. These convey a stronger message and have a greater impact. These kinds of quality posts will usually do better than your average post. When I say better, I mean that they will typically reach more people and get better engagement eg likes. These are the small bags of crisps that I mentioned earlier. You really enjoy these crisps every once in a while because they stand out and are special. You don’t want them all the time otherwise they aren’t special any more. It’s the same with posting on social media. Quality is posting on social media around 2-3 times a week. You’re not bombarding your audience with stuff they don’t want or need.


Sometimes you just want to have a big bag of crisps because you fancy it! You’re watching a movie and you want something that will last. This is exactly the same for social media posts! If you’ve got a message that needs to reach people often eg if you have a sale on then I would recommend going down the quantity route. These act as a reminder to the audience that the sale is on. Just like a big bag of crisps though you shouldn’t do this all the time because (apparently) binge eating is bad for you. The audience on social media can become bored and not pay attention to your posts if you do this over a long period of time.

So, in conclusion, you need the best of both worlds. You’ve got to know the difference between a quality post and quantity. A good gauge for this is if you ask yourself if this is something you would find interesting yourself.

Happy posting everyone!

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Illustrations by @not.a.dick