Yes, SEO makes our face do that sometimes too.


Search Engine Optimisation can be a really confusing task – and it’s important to remember that SEO is a long term commitment, not a one-time fix.

In recent months, we have been really pleased to meet many small business owners across Yorkshire who have, or are thinking about, investing in a revamped website. It is a big decision for many, and it’s certainly another step forward for online growth. However, it’s quite alarming to talk to many business owners who are not aware of the implications of leaving a website dormant – or leaving web developers to implement the bare minimum SEO required to keep a website afloat.

The Soapy Group takes a much different approach to SEO. We look at a business from the outside in – and tackle web growth from all angles. Content is King, but Quality is Queen – and she wears the trousers.

Yes, there are many boxes to tick – which any web developer can do. But we really get to know your business. We build a friendship with you and your business so that we can fully understand the message you want to put across. We get to know your audience and find out what makes your customers tick. At the end of the day, search engines want to make life easy for the user – and make the internet a lovely place to be. 

It’s not just about meta data and keywords. Quality, friendly content is just as important – and Google knows what turns your customers on.