Let’s face it, there are bigger issues at the forefront of our minds right now. As responsible business owners, employers, parents and family members we are juggling a lot of balls in this current environment.  

There is a lot of white noise around at the moment starting with the media, moving on to social platforms and now virtual networking. It seems like everyone wants a bite of the virtual networking cream cake. 

Turn it down, why does have to be so loud! 

Don’t you just hate being in a noisy environment where people are shouting above each other. I see this in a variety of situations from networking events to being in the pub. Remember a time when you could be in a room with strangers, it seems so long ago. 

So, in a time of social distancing why are we shouting to try and get closer, to be heard? 

It’s human nature, we are in a period of uncertainty. We are all worried that we, and our message might get lost. If I’m not posting on LinkedIn everyday people might forget about me. This is resulting in a lot of shouting and noise. The problem is the current level of activity is losing focus on what is really needed.  

Head in the sand? 

This analogy has 2 connotations. You have the traditional view of battening down for a storm. Stopping all activity, lets hibernate until this is all over and maybe we will get through. The other is the amount of companies and sales marketing strategies that haven’t changed at all, considering the current situation. I’m still getting calls, emails and LinkedIn requests from companies who seem to be ignoring the world around us. I’m not sure which one of these situations frustrates me the most. 

Just listen and support 

Stop trying to sell, even by association. Be sincere and honest with your marketing and networking output. It is very unlikely that new clients will magically appear with money to spend. But they will remember the great advice and support you offered at this time. Once they have got through this period of uncertainty. Likewise, your existing clients will really appreciate that additional help, even at this time when you probably won’t get any financial reward. They will be more loyal to you once they have been helped through the next few months. 

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. 

Think smart, is what I’m saying, or is the message we are putting out there relevant? Is it going to the right audience and even though you have a loud voice, will it actually be heard? Now more than ever, as we all have a heightened sense of emotional awareness, you have the opportunity to fail or succeed than ever before, in respect to turning people on and off to what you have to say. 

What do you need, and how can I help you? 


I know what you need, this is how I can help you. 

Thats the difference...