The Soapy Group and Love Pocklington have been confirmed again as marketing partners for this years Tour de Yorkshire stage one with Pocklington Town Council. Events will build on last year’s success of drawing 20,000 people to the town with live coverage on a centralised big screen and entertainment throughout the day in the marketplace.

It is believed that the Tour organisers have specifically designed the stage one route this year on the 3rd May to come through the town based on the efforts of 2017. With both the women’s and men’s race coming through Pocklington in 2018, The Soapy Group is now busy planning the events in the town to coincide with organisation from Welcome to Yorkshire.

The Tour de Yorkshire has been hailed as a legacy event following on from the Tour de France’ monumental visit to Yorkshire in 2014. The cycling event attracts visitors from around the world to watch professional cyclists in a three-day race through some of the north of England’s toughest terrains. It has become a favourite UK event for many professional cyclists and teams alike, rivalling the coveted Tour of Britain for attendance and participation.