Black Friday Sales can be a little daunting. There’s so much competition and trying to cut through the clutter can be hard: but it can be done. When our clients Wall of Sound approached us about doing their first ever Black Friday Sale we knew it was going to be hard work, but we are always up for a challenge!

Team Soapy got together and devised a marketing plan that would help project the brand further. The plan included a mix of paid Facebook advertising, Organic Facebook posts and changes to the Wall of Sound website. We knew we were on to a winner! The best way to get maximum output in terms of marketing is to put your eggs into different baskets.

Our Creative Director, Sophie Metcalfe, created great paid-for promotional material for Wall of Sound. Then our Creative Marketing Assistant, Richard Burn, made organic content for their Facebook page (some of which you can see here). Bradley Metcalfe, Soapy’s Web Developer, created new web pages specifically for Wall of Sound’s Black Friday Sale. This included creating a sign-up page for customers to keep up-to-date on the latest deals.

Once Black Friday came around (which went on for the whole week) we had everything scheduled seamlessly. The proof is in the pudding, though, and we were happy to hear that Wall of Sound were ecstatic with the results! They even said “We ran out of TVs!” which really proves how successful our marketing was for them.

We are looking forward to working on this years sale already!

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(These are not representative of prices now/sales have ended).