It has been an incredible three years of growth for The Soapy Group. We have celebrated our best ever quarter and gained some pretty high-profile clients this year. Creative Director Sophie explains why it’s now even more important to keep learning…

It’s clear that as a growing marketing agency we are making big noise. It has become imperative to keep up skills development and ensure as a company that we are always learning and progressing. Marketing, after all, is an ever-changing landscape.

We have recently joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing, with my personal goal of becoming a Chartered Marketer. My first task is to gain a Diploma in Professional Marketing from the CIM through Oxford College of Marketing.

This gives us an opportunity to build on our collective knowledge and experience of working with small businesses. It will help develop our strategic approach and allow us to offer a deeper level of marketing expertise and help us make informed decisions for business growth.

We have always set out our stall as a ‘people’ company. Whatever training or development a team member requires, we will honour their needs. We also ensure staff make the most of The Soapy Group’s personal development bursary which allows everyone to buy equipment or books that will boost their personal skill set.

The road to chartered marketer status is going to be hugely beneficial to The Soapy Group as it will pitch us at a level on par with larger inner-city agencies. It is a really exciting time for the company – and I could not be more thrilled to be able to build on my 10 years of commercial experience.