Sometimes in business, you just need to get used to showing off. When you are faced with competition, whether locally or nationally, small businesses need to find the right way of catching their customer’s attention. We understand it can be daunting when you start to shout about what you have to offer. We have compiled a little list of marketing tips to help get you started.

We meet small business owners on a daily basis. It is all too common to hear “well we have a Facebook page, but we don’t do anything with it.” When asked why, they usually answer with “I don’t really know what to say to our audience.”

This poses a question: Why do some small business owners fear engaging with their audience? The fear of a bad review? The fear of competition? Either way, the pros of learning to shout about what you have to offer massively outweigh the cons.

We have compiled a checklist of marketing tasks to make sure you are showing off in the right way.

  1. Post a positive tit-bit: If you haven’t posted on Facebook for a while because you can’t decide what to put, post some positive news. It does not have to be huge news, even a small ‘win’ such as a new client or a recent project completed. Even if you are just celebrating a job well done by brewing a round of teas for the team! Little tit-bits of positivity go a long way to showing off your company’s attitude to great work.
  2. Celebrate your team: Every now and then, feature a team member on your social media. A smiley picture with a short profile gives a sense of approachability and the ‘human’ aspect of your business. Let customers know that they can get in touch with the team individually.
  3. Tell your local paper: Local newspapers do come in very handy when it comes to promoting a positive bit of news. Contrary to popular belief, local media does actually like to fill space with positive news. If you have taken on a new team member, send a press release as it shows you are growing. If you have had a great season with a boost in sales – let them know! Local newspapers do like to celebrate local success.
  4. Get to know your local news desk: The more you build a relationship with local journalists, the more likely they will keep you in mind for comments on other stories. How many times have you read about the state of the local high street? Journalists love collecting comments from the people on the front line of the economy (ie. the business people who have something to say!). Let your local journo know that you are willing to comment on certain topics.
  5. Make the most of an online portfolio: Show off your past projects or accomplishments on your website with the best pictures and a few words about them. Update it regularly with the stuff you are really proud of.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for a positive review: It is really easy for your customers to leave a review online, but don’t sit and wait for the positive ones. There is no shame in asking a happy customer to take two minutes to leave a Facebook review. Give them an incentive too – offer a little token of your gratitude, such as a little freebie or discount as a thank you.
  7. Your company values are valued: You no doubt have a value you live and breathe by. For example, you only use local produce, or your customer service is paramount in staff training. Share your company values on social media regularly as it reminds your audience that you are passionate about what you do.

If you need more ideas on how to show off, contact The Soapy Group and speak to one of our team – we are always happy to help the small businesses of Yorkshire.