If I could marry the Facebook algorithm, I totally would.

An algorithm solves problems. It knows what I like, what I don’t like; It solves the problem of “what does Sophie want?”

In a very basic explanation, the Facebook algorithm prioritises content and shows me the stuff in my news feed that’s most relevant to me. Without it, I’d be pretty bored of Facebook. There would be a lot of content that I simply don’t care about by people I don’t really want to connect with.

To put it bluntly, you have absolutely no control over who sees your posts. It’s very carefully curated for the right people, making sure that your business page isn’t getting too much of a free ride.

Since January this year, Facebook has been rolling out an algorithm update. In a long-winded post from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it was announced that your news feed is more likely to show posts from friends, family and groups than from businesses.

He called them “meaningful interactions.”

Reading between the lines, it basically means that businesses really do need to start thinking about allocating budget for paid ads. Without ads, reach and engagement will suffer. Aside from ads, you still need creative and fabulous organic content that engages the right people.

When you post as a business, you have to think like an algorithm. Imagine you have complete control over who sees your content – who would those people be? You know it’s not EVERYONE who likes your page, because not everyone in that list is your target customer. (My mum follows The Soapy Group… I don’t think she needs my services any time soon…)

Always think like an algorithm. Who should engage with this post and WHY? What’s in it for them? Tailor your content for the perfect customer every time. And remember – Quality over quantity. Less engagement is a given, but make sure it’s quality engagement.