The Soapy Group has launched a new service, aiming to help businesses across the Yorkshire region raise the bar and achieve growth success.

Brand Bubble is a marketing audit, research and strategy building consultation that will result in a comprehensive marketing plan for businesses. The strategy will then help The Soapy Group creative team work even more effectively on implementing marketing support for the businesses that have participated in the consultation phase.

Strategic director, Sophie Metcalfe says: “Over the past four years at Soapy, we have identified a huge need for independent businesses to step up their marketing planning in order to achieve growth. This is a really exciting new service for The Soapy Group and we want to make strategy better understood and more accessible.

“Unfortunately, marketing tends to be seen as an expense, so when the purse strings tighten, marketing and advertising are the first things to be cut. We want to make sure that businesses have a plan so that they never have to cut off communications with their customers, particularly at times when they need their customers the most.”

Brand Bubble is now offered to every business looking for marketing support from The Soapy Group. The strategic audit and plan will result in a road map to success for each business.

Find out more about Brand Bubble here!