Halloween has always been an exciting time of year (kind of); Pumpkins, tonnes of sweets & scary movies, but this year (for me at least) it has been extra special. I got to work on some special, extra spooky, social media content for some of our clients that I’m excited about.

I thought I would put them all into one blog post and explain some of the thought process and production of them.

Ashley Cooke’s Carpets & Furniture

For Ashley Cooke, I wanted to create two posts that use the rugs he makes in an interesting way. I started out by sketching out the hand idea (which you can see in the photograph on the right) & then created it with one of the photographs we have of one of the rugs. I used Photoshop to manipulate the rug & the photo of hands.

I then had the idea of hiding a creature underneath the rug (which is my personal favourite).

Wall of Sound

The Wall of Sound idea came to me pretty quickly & I was very excited about it. I look at logos and branding and look for spooky opportunities & the Wall of Sound volume bars at the end of the logo automatically could be be manipulated to look like vampire fangs.

I started with just the volume bars by themselves, but this wasn’t obvious enough, so I went through many different versions (Images 2, 3 & 4) before I got to the final version (Image 1).

Metcalfe Models & Toys

I knew I wanted to do something with trick or treaters for Metcalfe; I just needed to find the right image for it. Luckily, I came across this perfect image! I decided to add speech bubbles to bring a little humour to the post.

Ye Old Sun Inn

Just like Wall of Sound, Ye Old Sun Inn has a logo that can be manipulated (We are currently running a campaign for Christmas that incorporates the name and logo in a festive way). I made the ‘sun’ into a moon and created a graphic of a witch to fly over it which is truly iconic and instantly recognisable imagery for the time of year.

Bluewater Bathrooms & Kitchens

Bluewater = Boowater. It was really that simple.

I drew some little spooky graphic elements for the wave graphic to add some extra spookiness.

The Soapy Group

How could I forget Soapy! Using Adobe After Effects, I turned these two graphics I made into animated short videos that you can watch here and here.

If you would like to know more about what The Soapy Group can do for your businesses’ social media, click here.